Why should I play it?

Project Navigation Game is a game which helps to uncover problems in your project, which you didn’t know you had! Is covers all project areas: budget, scope, objectives, people, organisation, practical arrangement and more. The game also helps to build up the team.

What value does playing it bring?

The value partly depends on what is uncovered during the game. From real life examples, the value can be as large as a couple of weeks of time from the entire team. In any case Project Navigation Game will increase understanding, project ownership and trust within the team.

Who should participate?

The entire team. This is anybody who works on the project on a daily basis and is hands on.

When to play?

The game has the most impact when it is played 1–3 weeks after the start of the project. It continues to be valuable as a retro activity every 3–6 months. It loses impact towards the end of the project (if there is less than 3 months to go).

What is needed to play PNG?

  • The Box
  • Time: 1.5–2 hours
  • Team
  • Facilitator
  • Canvas


Peter Tennekes


Peter Tennekes

Peter Tennekes Agile Coach

Laura Aho

Laura Aho Service Designer

Ella Eiranto

Ella Eiranto UI/Visual Designer